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We all tend to think about “research” as this big, long, expensive thing. Digitallly focused companies today need insights that are quick, accurate and most importantly, actionable. That’s where we come in.

Kevin Root – Founder

Why Us?

The last thing the world needs is another consumer market research company. There are plenty of good ones. Because we understand industries at the nuanced level, your results are more actionable.

Who Do We Work With?

Retailers, digital marketing providers, consumer facing shopping and research websites, agencies, manufacturers, investment companies, and entrepreneurs.

Augment Your Existing Research Department

Our automotive market research company loves to work with existing research teams. Your team is probably slammed with enough projects to last till well into next year. We frequently can augment their efforts on big projects or enable them to stay focused on those while we take on the newer project with the hot deadline.

Product Concepts 90%
Consumer Trends 85%
Shopper Insight 95%
Content Marketing Material 80%
Buyer Experiences 95%
Emotional Drivers 85%

Who we are

Our team members
Kevin T. Root
Founding Partner

An automotive tech industry veteran, Kevin brings more than 25 years of automotive and digital/technology experience to client engagements. He has held senior leadership positions with Cobalt/CDK Global, DriverSide, (now part of Cox Automotive), and most recently as President and COO of DrivingSales.

For 15 years, Kevin designed and managing in-depth, industry-leading research studies for firms including Cobalt,, DriverSide, and DrivingSales, with partners including, Yahoo!, RL Polk, GfK, and J.D. Power & Associates.

These studies were used to power successful dealership performance improvement programs for numerous OEMs and enterprise dealer groups. In 2015, Kevin started his own firm specializing in automotive research.

Eliza Kelly
Research Director

Eliza has held senior marketing leadership positions at Cobalt/CDK Global, and Unitus in her 18 years in the automotive industry. As a seasoned marketing leader and brand ambassador, she has deep expertise in driving market share and building brand equity. She is a research evangelist, having managed pivotal industry research on emerging consumer car buying trends since 2005.

Her studies have anticipated the rise of customer generated media/customer reviews and ratings on dealerships, the influence of social media, and the growing importance of customer experience in the dealership. As part of her research leadership, she is an advocate for the voice of the female car buyer in an industry still largely focused on the male consumer.

Our Partners

In staying true to the “agile” theme, our firm operates that way as well. We keep our pricing competitive by partnering with a number of highly regarded research experts. This allows us field the best team for your project and to augment our capacity as needed. Here are some of the brands that our partners have worked with:

Johnson Controls


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