Automotive Qualitative Research


Root & Associates and our highly experienced partners go beyond the data feed to explore the meaning behind the buzz. What’s driving positive or negative sentiment? What language are car shoppers using? Who are the influencers? What’s behind the trend lines?

As skilled qualitative researchers we dig deep for richer insights. What are the emergent patterns? What does this tell us about car shoppers? What do we need to include or be aware of in the next steps of the research? What are the implications and opportunities and, most importantly, how does this insight help improve consideration, positive differentiation, and sales for your firm?

Our WhySights Approach:

Screen Sharing

Remote screen sharing allows us to put product mock-ups, prototypes, scenarios and marketing comps in front of consumers and capture their responses without the need to travel to their location. This is especially effective when looking at how consumers conduct their researching and shopping for products and services.

Hands Holding Phone for Mobile Ethnography Research

Mobile Ethnography

A new spin on a classic technique, our mobile ethnographic research process improves speed and reduces cost. With an app on their mobile device, consumers go through the task or process being evaluated while their device captures it on video with audio. Researchers evaluate the material without needing to be in the same location. Questions and clarification can be exchanged via the app.


Accompanying consumers as they shop and purchase in the real world is irreplaceable. Observing them while buying real products from real retailers and then debriefing about their experience directly afterwards can uncover incredible insights.

Group Looking at Tablet for Insights on Data

Geo-fenced Targeting

“Get ’em while it’s fresh!” The benefit of geo-targeting is to get insights from people the moment they are finishing their shopping. We know when they hit the showroom and can ping them while they are there are leaving. Frequently we get their input while they are still sitting in the dealerships parking lot when recall and emotion is highest.