Automotive Quantitative Research

Agile Insights

Just as agile engineering has replaced the waterfall approach, Agile Insights quickly uncovers information and data that guides your strategic planning, product, marketing, messaging, competitive positioning and thought-leadership efforts.

Sometimes you only need a few key answers quickly. With Agile Research, there are two main approaches. Rather than field one large study that takes months, we field two to three smaller studies. Just like agile engineering, insight from the initial study informs successive studies. Thus you get smarter as you go.

The most common approach is where we work with leadership, product or marketing teams to create a 15 to 20 question study that asks just the right questions to the right audience. Want to see how much insight you can get with our automotive quantitative research approach? Hit the download button below to see how we evaluated four different new website features in one agile study. 

Download Agile Research Sample