COVID-19 Insights

What questions does your business need answers to?

We are all adjusting business plans and process to meet this extreme situation. Root & Associates has been busy helping customers address the following.

• What is the consumer sentiment within specific markets and verticals?
• How do consumers feel about digital retailing tools, and what are the short comings?
• How do consumers feel about limited-touch vehicle delivery?
• How do the best performing dealers address COVID-19 policies?
• How has consumer shopping changed and where does that leave our service offering?
• Best and worst business to consumer communication techniques and methods.
• Marketing message evaluation during this period.
• How to use mobile-ID tracking for business planning purposes.

COVID-19 will likely impact business for some time. Consumer sentiment and patters differ greatly from area to area and even within similar product categories. Many of the old rules around process, evaluation and brand selection are being rewritten. There has never been a better time to get real insight than now to help make actionable decisions.

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