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Consumer Research

Concept Testing
Compare product concepts. Get market input before you build.
Digital Retailing Product Evaluation
Vet new digital retailing product and service offers prior to launch.
Competitive Assessment
A/B test your product against the competition to learn what to improve.
Customer Experience Assessment
Get firsthand insight on where process improvement needs focus.
Buyer Persona & Buyer Insight
Learn what persuades buyers to choose your product over others.
Buyer / Shopper Evaluations
Get beyond the “what” and identify the “why” with insights from consumers – as they are actually buying.

"Access to Over 24 Million Consumers - Worldwide"

Who We Are

We are a market research firm specializing in consumer trends, online commerce, and digital retailing. We help convert insights into opportunities and help business develop new products, services, and strategies.

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Agile Research – Sometimes You Just Need A Few Questions Answered

There will always be a need for traditional research but more often, leaders need answers to a few key questions. Quickly. We know how to ask the right questions from the right consumers to get powerful insights. That’s agile market research.

Insights that Impact

Expected a Negative Buying Experience 99%
Want to Do One or More Steps to Purchase While Online 82%
Saw a Social Media Post That Impacted Their Brand Consideration 41%
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