New Product Concept Validation and Testing

Move beyond “I think….” to “I know….” with the right data and insights. Nothing beats actual, relevant and recent market research to validate product or service concepts before you commit valuable resources.

With direct experience in both market research and product development, we can guide you in developing the right study to get unbiased, objective answers to early stage product development and can assist with competitive assessments, market sizing, product positioning, consumer value proposition development and all other areas needed for a successful product launch.

Customer Loyalty and Brand Loyalty

Over the years, we have assisted many large technology firms and manufactures in the areas of customer loyalty and brand loyalty measurement. Just as important, we emphasize uncovering root causes of product and brand defection as well.

We have many research tools and techniques to deploy in this area, including expectation vs. perception, price sensitivity, reputation evaluation, and affective vs. cognitive satisfactions. Ongoing tracking studies measuring customer lifetime value and net promotor score (NPS) are also available.

Brand Identity Analysis

Are sales flat or declining? Perhaps your firms brand identity is slipping in the marketplace. The first step in a turnaround is understanding your firms standing in the marketplace relative to your competitors.

Root & Associates can provide competitive benchmarking, assess your brands personality and define your consumer brand associations all to assist company leadership in regaining your desired position in the marketplace.

Prospect and Customer Persona Development

One of the toughest parts of product development is developing use cases that map to accurate prospect or customer personas.

Product and marketing teams need to go beyond basic demographics and build in consumer motivations in their decision making. We call this moving beyond the “what” to uncover the “why.” By uncovering motivational behaviors and psychographics, your teams will develop product that hit the mark every time.

Marketing ROI

You just launched a new product with a big marketing budget. How did it impact sales?

Move beyond clicks and impressions to uncover marketing effectiveness in areas such as brand preference, impact on brand selection relative to competitors, positive or negative perception, brand awareness lift, advertising recall, region, zone, district tracking, and more.

Agile Insights

Just as agile engineering has replaced the waterfall approach, Agile Insights quickly uncovers information and data that guides your strategic planning, product, marketing, messaging, competitive positioning and thought-leadership efforts.

Sometimes you only need a few key answers quickly. With Agile Research, there are two main approaches. Rather than field one large study that takes months, we field two to three smaller studies. Just like agile engineering, insight from the initial study informs successive studies. Thus you get smarter as you go.

The most common approach is where we work with leadership, product or marketing teams to create a 15 to 20 question study that asks just the right questions to the right audience.