How Do You Increase Sales?

Know what persuades buyers to choose your product over others.

Sounds good, so how do you do that? It’s not surveys, it’s not a focus groups it requires talking to people who have recently purchased what you are selling.

It is asking them detailed, specific questions that will lead to insights that will position your company to be an exact match for what your buyers are seeking. This is exactly what your business development, sales and marketing teams are looking for. Deep insights about their process, decision making, anticipated barriers, evaluation process, success drivers and even information on key influencers along the way.

Best of all, the more complex the buying decision the better this works!

If your organization cannot answer each of these question with certainty, you need Buyer Insight.

• What triggers your buyer to begin a search for a solution to their business problem?
• What are the top three resources your buyers would use in each stage of their buying process?
• What attitudes would prevent your buyers from choosing your product or service?
• Which buyers are receptive and which buyers will ignore your product, no matter what you say?
• Can your sales, marketing or BD people think like your buyers think to influence their buying decisions?
• Can your sales marketing or BD people represent your buyers in internal meetings to provide guidance on decisions you need to make?
• Do your key people know which buyers are involved in the buying decisions and how much influence they wield?
• Why would buyers choose to do business with you verses your competitors?