Using AR to Improve Service Satisfaction

Kevin Root |

            Using AR to Improve Service Satisfaction

(Photo Source: Porsche Newsroom)

You knew it would only be a matter of time before augmented reality found a meaning way into the automotive industry. That time is now. One OEM is utilizing augmented reality technology in their dealerships to speed up and improve the tech services provided to their customers.

Porsche announced last year that they would begin using an augmented reality technology called Tech Live Look to diagnose and resolve issues with vehicles. How it works: the service technician working on a vehicle wears a pair of augmented reality glasses that are equipped with cameras, which connect to a technical support team using the AiR Enterprise™ software from Atheer, Inc.

The cameras on the glasses are high-resolution, auto-focus cameras that show everything in high detail. The glasses also have an LED light attached so that the technical support team can see into small, dark places.

In addition to a camera that relays images back to the technical support team, the glasses are capable of projecting images on the lenses for the service tech to view. The technical support team can also send instructions to the service tech or even technical bulletins.

(Photo Source: Porsche Newsroom)

Porsche believes that the glasses will provide a faster and more satisfying experience for customers—and so far, they’re right. Their pilot program found that the glasses helped lower their dealerships’ service resolution times by about 40%.

Utilizing this augmented reality program has allowed service technicians to utilize the experience and knowledge of Porsche’s technical support team without adding time to the service process or requiring a technical support team member to be in every single dealership. Porsche has found a way to facilitate the involvement of more people without having extra bodies working on any given vehicle—and more dealers are likely to follow.

This innovative use of augmented reality technology is a perfect example of the way that dealerships can evolve to stay current and keep their customers happy. While every dealership may not be ready for an augmented reality technology in their service bays, there are many creative ways that technology can help dealers keep their customers happy and encourage them to come back to the dealership for service.